How does the app detect if a commitment is broken?

Modified on Tue, 09 May 2023 at 07:07 PM

The app currently supports three types of commitments:

  1. Limit/increase app usage
  2. Make a call
  3. Visit a place

These commitment types are unique, in that they can all be verified directly on the device, without requiring any compliance or self-reporting from the user.

Here's how each commitment is monitored:

  1. App usage is detected through the UsageStats API. This means that even if were to be uninstalled or the background service terminated, we could still identify app usage during the commitment period retroactively.
  2. Calls are detected by examining the device's phone call logs. All outgoing calls made during the specified time period are checked to determine if the commitment has been satisfied.
  3. Visiting a place is detected by requiring the user to check in within the app at the designated location. The device's GPS confirms the user's presence at the site. While it would be convenient to automatically detect when the user enters the target location, doing so would significantly impact battery life. As a result, we opted for a manual check-in system.

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